Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being Successful

To be successful in business writing you should go to class everyday. It is a fun class and you learn a lot about writing. By going to class you never miss an assignment. Doing every assignment will make it easy to get an A in the class. To do the client project, you should make sure that you work on it as much as you can. Always be in contact with your teammates to make sure you are doing your part of the proposal and the presentation. The client project is fun and easy if you keep up with your duties with you team. This class gives you some really important facts on career writing materials such as memos, resume, and cover letters. Make sure that you learn how to do these types of writing. The technology used in this class is really easy to get a hang of because Mrs. Rogers will help you out if you are having trouble with it. If you have ever used blackboard then picking up the new technology is really easy compared to that.

Overall, if you go to class you will be successful in the class because you will learn everything that you will need to know. I recommend that you put in your effort for your group when you start the client project and you will get an A in the class.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The group project

The group project has been a very fun experience. My group has done very well. We have worked together and have successful. Together we have made a great proposal and have been able to get the work done to get the Web site completed. This has been a great project and has made the class more enjoyable. I like working on a project that will actually be used.

Working with my team members has really taught me a lot about working on project with a group. Having assigned parts in the group has made it easier. I am the writer so I know what will be expected from me. I have learned that each person has to fulfill their tasks to get the job done. So far my group has done everything that has been assigned. I have also learned that it is good to help each other with the work. I would be hard to complete the work without help. I have received feedback from everyone in the group and from the class.

The biggest challenge in the project is contact with the client. They answered our first email but since then we haven't heard anything. We can not finish our part of the web site without feedback from them. It has been hard to design a biography page with out knowing who is on the team and information on them. I wish they would take a couple minutes to reply to some of our questions.

This project has helped with future projects and proposals. now i know how to write a proposal in a business setting. I also know how to talk with the client to meet their needs. I believe i have also enhanced my skill in group work. This project has been very helpful.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dual Coding

This ad from Nike is an ad that I do not understand. I am not sure if they are advertising some of their products or just saying they support football? This ad does do a good job at grabbing the attention of the audience.

The colors used in the ad attract my eyes and make me want to look at the ad. The black, red, and white colors all mix well. I really like the red writing on the white background and the black writing under it. It really makes the words stand out and it get their message out to the audience.

I am not quite sure about the words. I understand that they are inspirational words for football players but I do not know how this applies to nike and this ad. I would like to know where this ad was located and how it deals with football. Are they trying to sell something?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Miscommunication occurs all the time when I am playing soccer. I play defense so I have to communicate with my teammates to make sure that we do not let the other team score. I have to rely on what they tell me and use the information to help me play better.

One instance when miscommunication occurred in a game involve me and the rest of my defense. In this situation the other team had the ball and they were coming at us. My teammates told me to hold and I did not understand what they were telling me to do. So i continued to run with the offensive player that I was guarding. This is not what I was supposed to do. I was told to hold which I now know means to stop and let the offensive player keep running. This would have caused the player to be offsides and we would get the ball back. Because I did not stop like my teammates wanted me to the player was not offsides and he scored a goal. This was not good for the team and it made me feel stupid that I did not do what they wanted me to do.

I think that this could have been avoided if we would have talked about it before hand. My teammates could have told me what he will say when he wants me to stop. I believe that is the only way to keep this type of miscommunication from occurring.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I did not have my interview for this week because of Mrs. Rogers was not feeling well. However I did have an real interview with Cherry, Bakaert & Holland last week. I was really nervous going to the interview because it was my first time every doing anything like it.

I was going to the interview in hopes of getting an internship with an accounting firm in Greenville for the upcoming summer. I really did not have much time to prepare for the interview because I was invited to the interview only four days before the actual interview. I called my dad who is an accountant and asked what kind of questions they would ask me and he gave me a list of potential questions to help me prepare for my interview.

The actual interview was a very different experience for me. I had to wear a suit and tie and i felt really uncomfortable. It was also a very hot day so I was sweating very bad. The interview itself was not that bad. He asked the same questions that my dad told me that they might ask. So i felt really good after because we had a good conversation.

This week i received a letter inviting me to another interview for the coming up week at their office. I feel like i will not be as nervous this time. I feel confident that i will get the internship.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I had a lot of fun watching presentations this weekend. I got to hear a ton of interesting presentations. I really enjoyed hearing Cj's, Andy Kelly's, and Jamie's presentations. These three presentations stand out in my mind because they were different and I learned new things from them.

I really liked CJ's presentation. The beginning of the presentation was a short clip showing a run from CJ. The run was really good and it was cool to hear what he thought from his point of view. The rest of the presentation was about Cj wanting to help kids by putting on football camps. That sounds like a really good idea. I have helped coach a soccer camp one time and it made me feel really good inside. It is fun to help younger kids learn more about the sport and you really get to have fun while helping them.

Andy Kelly's presentation really made me laugh. He did a funny presentation on how to give a five minute speech. I learned a lot about giving speeches that will help me in the future. He also used a lot of great pictures on his slides. That is one reason why I liked his presenation so much. Andy also had a lot of energy when he gave his speech which made it stick out in my head. I found out that the most important part of a presentation is the closing. Andy focused on that idea. I will have to remember that next time i give a presentation.

My favorite sports drink is gatorade. It has a ton of different flavors and I love every single one of them. Jamie's presentation taught me the history of how it came about and i never knew anything about gatorade. I also liked that i got to drink some gatorade. His presentation was interesting to me because of the fact that i like gatorade so much. I never knew that it was the official sports drink of all of the major sports.

The presentations were really great. I enjoyed class all week because everyone had a different and interesting topic. I hope we have more classes that are this enjoyable.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is my new favorite hobby. I love the feeling of drafting my team and wacthing them dominate the league. Drafting a team is a pretty hard process. You have to do your homework on every player in the league so you will know who will be the best fit for your team. Most people think it is a good idea to start the draft by picking a running back because they can get the most points. I have not found this to be the best idea though. I have started each year by getting a consistent quarterback that will put up big points every week. The draft usually last a bout an hour but it is a really fun experience.

To be successful in Fantasy Football, you need to make sure you manage your team each week and put in the right players. Many times your players will be hurt, have a bye week, or play a hard team and you need to make sure you take them out and put in a player that will do better. I like to read about my players and see if they have been practicing or not. When choosing which players to play for the week, the website usually will provide projected scores. This makes it a lot easier to see what experts think about your players.

Last year I made second place in my fantasy football league and this year I decided to play in more leagues. I have started off slow but now my team is winning. I have won two weeks in a row now. I am hoping to win this year but I have a long season and I am not sure if my playlers will play well the rest of the year.